Sometimes one feels so grateful for the mysteries surrounding us, connections that we barely see yet feel so strongly in our most potent moments; Mysteries nourish our being and however much we unravel there is more to submit to with only the realization of indivisibility.

One mystery that feeds us everyday is our food (as it sows (or is sown), as it grows, as it is harvested and cooked). There are foods that deepen this mystery, food that feels like our bodies, food that we rediscover and discover. we dedicate our efforts to such foods. Thus today we have a salad that takes the following ingredients:

  • Sprouted Masoor Whole (raw)
  • Pomegranate
  • Peanuts (roasted/steamed/boiled)
  • Kala Chana (boiled)
  • Sunflower kernels
  • Beetroot and Carrot (lightly steamed)
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Lemon juice
  • Our presence and wisdom of the body

(Discoverers: Anandi, Shivani and Shaaswati of the Himalayas)

ofcourse the most important ingredient of all is the love in our heart

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