An organic web of questions


It seems a simple enough choice, as a believer in organic (user, grower, seller), a move towards organic. At the outset there are hardly any questions. However once on the path, the questions hardly seem to cease, it becomes not a destination or one about choice but a journey, a journey that extends from within us, connects to every aspect that we encounter and feeds within as an infinite loop. These questions don’t beget answers rather they ask of us to know them intimately without the boundaries of answers.

They start right from our basic expressions; the words we use to communicate, such as consumption, consumer, user, buyer, seller, local, global, nutrition…words that carry with them moulds of an existing system.

Does organic mean, tweaking small independent choices, yes that too, but is that all…do we carry the baggage of the existing consumerist system or do we challenge it continuously until no forms of previous associations remain…the challenge is not merely a matter of replacing ‘theirs’ with ‘ours’, for there no they, there is only us…

As someone whose belief in organic is covering all the associated aspects such as growing, buying and selling organic, we find the questions pouring in torrents (and glad for them).

Does organic mean local, can organic be global beyond the exchange in ideas and thoughts?
Does organic inherently defy scale?
Does organic mean a competition based economy?
Does it mean copyrights and patents?
Is organic inherently collective?
Does organic mean expensive?
What about organic packaging, transport, demands of ‘consumers’, dynamics related to local groups and their environment?
Does organic mean non-violence?

These questions are not independent of each other, they are webbed and knit into the others intricately, yet each of these questions can dived in explored independently until they converge, which is what we hope to do over the next few days in this space (within us though they turn into timeless explorations).

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